June 2, 2015

In the Defense of Kayley

Whitney: Okay, so Kayley isn’t *technically* a princess, but neither is Mulan and that didn’t stop us (or Disney). She doesn’t marry a prince or anything, but she still becomes something really cool--a knight! Just like her father. Kayley defies all social conventions of her time: she wears trousers, goes on quests, uses a sword, rides horses astride, etc.

Becky: Kayley is awesome. She has this honor and loyalty that most of the time we associate with the princes of fairytales. But she proves that valor knows no gender, and her awesomeness is just contagious. I mean, Gareth was a recluse and a cranky-pants before she came along, and look how he turned out!

Whitney: She’s brave, leaving her mother behind with a mad man to find someone to help them, being faced with griffons, dragons, and enchanted forests on the way, with an army of hybrid people-weapons following behind her.

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